8th Development Update

8th Development Update

Welcome to our 8th development update. We are excited to announce our Final Incentivized Testnet is scheduled to launch in 2 weeks. The exact date will be announced soon. The rest of this article will discuss our development progress and how to get involved with our community.


Welcome to our 8th development update. We’ve made strong progress throughout the last couple of weeks and we are excited to share our updates as we prepare for our mainnet launch.

We recently announced our Initial NFT Offering (INO) ends in 3 days on April 8th, 2023 along with our 1st NFT Surprise where NFT holders are rewarded with additional TEDY bonuses if we reach certain NFT thresholds. We are currently on Tier 4 with over 1,600 NFTs minted, and NFT holders are currently earning at least 13,300 TEDY per NFT.

While the INO comes to an end, we are preparing to launch the final Incentivized Testnet prior to our mainnet launch.

Technical Progress

User Interface

We expect to launch our 2nd Incentivized Testnet between April 16th-21st. We’ll announce the official date soon.

This new testnet will include a redesigned Swap page with increased performance and should enhance the user experience of our DEX.

We are also finishing our Liquidity, Yield Farming, Price Charts, Pending Orders, and Order History pages.

Additionally, the mobile user experience is a top priority during this new testnet.

During this new testnet, we’ll also begin our audit prior to our mainnet launch. Pending any unforeseen circumstances, our mainnet launch should be just a few weeks away.

As always, our code can be found here on Github.


Our liquidity tokens staking contract is now complete. These are the first open source contracts on Cardano for staking LP tokens.

These LP staking contracts are designed to operate in parallel without the need for Honey Badgers.

The source code for these contracts are available here.


Lastly, we are developing indexers that will support our existing FISO and NFT rewards calculation along with improve the user experience of our main DEX platform.

Our FISO and NFT calculators are complete and being deployed. We are only awaiting on full synchronization to reflect the data of our leaderboard and rewards website.

Final Remarks

Thank you for reading our 8th development update. We are looking forward to launching our new testnet within the next week or so, followed by an audit and our mainnet launch.

Our Initial NFT Offering ends in 3 days, and NFT holders are currently earning at least 13,300 TEDY per NFT.

Thank you to our community for your support as we look to fill our mission to create a secure and seamless stablecoin DEX on Cardano, built on the foundations of open-source code, community, and transparency.

For more information on TeddySwap:

Website | Twitter | Discord | Docs | Github | Linktree | Mint Teddy Bears

TeddySwap is an open-source decentralized exchange AMM protocol focusing on stablecoins in the Cardano ecosystem. Our protocol is developed by former Cardano Foundation developers and the creators of plu-ts, a smart contract framework built to efficiently deploy Cardano dApps.